G L and D

GL&D Woodchippers

GL&D produces a wide range of woodchippers and bio-chippers in Italy, offering both gravity feed and auto-feed models. For compact power, consider the Titan models, which handle materials up to 110mm in diameter. These versatile bio-chippers come in wheeled, hydrostatic tracked, and tractor-mounted versions, all equipped with reliable Kohler engines.

For larger tasks, the GL&D Fusion Evo range is ideal, with auto-feed chippers handling up to 160mm capacities and powered by robust Yanmar diesel engines. The tractor-mounted GL&D Fusion range offers models with automatic roller and belt feed systems, capable of handling capacities between 155mm and 245mm.

Enhance your operations with GL&D’s top-quality woodchippers and bio-chippers, and ensure safety and efficiency with AMIA’s professional-grade workwear and equipment. Visit the AMIA Online Shop for more details. For inquiries, contact us at info@agrimarketia.com or call 01363 82928.