GL&D Woodchippers

Based in Italy, GL&D produce a wide range of both woodchippers and bio-chippers. Gravity feed and auto-feed models are available within the range.

If you’re looking for a small but strong machine capable of handling material up to 110mm in diameter then take a look at the Titan models. These versatile cylinder type bio-chippers are available in wheeled, hydrostatic tracked and tractor mounted models. Kohler engines are used across the range for reliability and long service life.

Looking for something bigger but still self contained? If so then the GL&D Fusion Evo range are a good choice. With capacities of up to 160mm and Yanmar diesel engines, these auto-feed chippers are a truly capable machine.

If a tractor mounted machine is what you are looking for then the GL&D Fusion range could be the machine for you. With an automatic roller and belt feed system and capacities between 155mm & 245mm there should be a model to suit most situations.

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