Billericay Farm Services

Billericay Farm Services have been established since 1948, originally as a general farm contacting business. In 1955 they moved into the application of liquid nutrient products. By 1958 had designed and built their own fleet of hire sprayers.

As the business grew, BFS built their own fertiliser plant. This helped to further develop their range of nutrient products. Rolling forward to 1988, the first version of the BFS Dribble Bar was produced. This allowed even applications of nutrients to be made across the full width of the sprayer boom. At the same time, the founder of the business was working on an innovative spray nozzle. The ground breaking device introduced air into the liquid stream as it was sprayed. The resulting droplets contained air bubbles and reduced drift.

In 1990, following further development and independent testing of prototypes, the Bubble Jet was born and patents applied for. It was classed as a pioneering air induction nozzle which quickly became a favourite with farmers.

Further developments over the years have seen the introduction of a wide range of fertiliser application nozzles and dribble bars. A wide range of drift reducing nozzles has also been designed and manufactured.

In 2016 the BFS FlowCheck nozzle checking device was launched. This innovative device replaced a measuring jug and stopwatch for rapidly checking nozzle output.

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