Sfoggia are an Italian company with a long history in the production of specialist agricultural machinery.

Founded in 1956 by Antonio Sfoggia and his son Narciso, they were initially engaged in the production of water systems. They soon however began to take an interest in the agricultural machinery sector. Their main focus at that time was the design and production of seeders and transplanters.

Over the years, the company has continued to develop and invest in the production of new machines. Today they produce a wide range of precisions seeders, transplanters and weeders for use in the production of specialist crops. Other products also include mulch layers and strip tilling machines.

The lasted generation of precision seeders by the company are available with full IsoBus integration and electronic drive. This comes as a result of their dedication to always providing new products as technology moves forward in the world.

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SFOGGIA have been exclusively distributed by Agri Market Insight and Access Ltd in the UK and Ireland for a number of years. To speak to a member of our helpful and knowledgeable team about their full range of products, please click here.

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