Vertical Drainage Aerators

The Selvatici range of Aeroking Vertical Drainage Aerators are available in 8 different models ranging in working widths from 1.2m to 2.5m with an impressive working depth of up to 30 – 40cm dependant on model. All Selvatici verti-drainer aerators are equipped with adjustable heave which is a patented design, a 3 speed transmission and a One man depth adjustment system. Aeroking Accessories include; Hydraulic trailer wheel kit, Rear Rotating Brush, Windrow Kits, Turf Retainers, Rear Rollers, and Custom colour paint jobs! There is also a vast range of tine options including pencil style tines with multiplier block and hollow tines for coring. All machines come with a one year warranty with everything handled within the UK. Our Selvatici Aeroking Specialist, Beth Williams-Nichols is able to answer any questions you may have and try before you buy demostrations are available upon request.

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