PTO Mounted Bio Woodchippers GL&D- TITAN


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PTO Mounted Bio Woodchippers GL&D- TITAN


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PTO Mounted Bio Woodchippers GL&D Titan- 3pt Linkage Mounted Bio Woodchipper is equipped with a special rotor that makes it ideal for the disposal of greenery, pruning and branches deriving from maintenance in gardens or green areas, designed to be compact and easily transportable even by small tractors thanks to two with performance of unparalleled work. The total opening of the machine allows an easy and quick maintenance. – the expulsion tube is rotatable and adjustable through 360 °, it is equipped with a red safety button for immediate stop. – the cutting system is innovative and anti-clogging . Optional – Drawbar for towing. – Hammers kit. – hour meter. – expulsion tube extension.

mm (AxB) 210 x 160Power required (hp) 20/25      Quantity N ° 2Weight (KG) 180Production (m³ / h) from 4 to 12ØMAX Cipp. (Mm) 105  Overall   dimensions (cm) A – B – C 80 – 150 – 165


GL&D are exclusively distributors by Agri Market Insight and Access Ltd in the UK and Ireland for their full range of Woodchippers, Please feel free to contact our helpful team if you have any questions, by clicking here.

Powered by a 2 cylinder 23hp Vanguard petrol engine and weighing only 370kg this 4’’ capacity gravity fed tracked chipper deals with varying material with the greatest of ease and consumes everything fed in seconds! With a maximum width of 780mm, it’s self propelled tracked base makes access on rough terrain and through narrow gaps effortless and benefits from a very firm foot plate to stand and to navigate from.

It’s gated drum and twin bladed chip system makes heavy brash chipping light work of conifer and the most dense of green wood waste. Easy to maintain and with external greasing points, this is the perfect solution for narrow access wood chipping and shredding applications and is by far the most efficient and impressive performing tracked 4’’ gravity fed tracked chipper we’ve had the pleasure in using.

For Further information and Videos please visit our AMIA YouTube Page by clinking the link GL&D Titan Wheeled Bio Woodchipper for Dry or Green product – Exclusively distributed by AMIA – YouTube

Agri Market Insight & Access Ltd – GL&D Titan Tracked Hydrostatic Bio Woodchipper ride on model working with Hazel and Ash in the UK and Ireland February 2021 | Facebook