Selvatici’s range of Aeroking Vertical Drainage Aerators are a staple across the UK and Ireland, enhancing golf courses, rugby pitches, football pitches, cricket pitches, and more. Exclusively distributed by AMIA, these aerators are known for their superior performance and reliability. For personalized assistance, contact our Selvatici Specialist, Beth, at today.

In addition to our Aeroking range, Selvatici is a leader in Spading Machines, offering an extensive variety to meet diverse needs. Our product lineup also includes Compact Tractor Stone Buriers, which efficiently manage soil preparation and debris burial, and Bed Formers, ideal for creating perfect seedbeds and optimizing planting conditions.

You can purchase ground and pitchcare machinery directly from AMIA Online. Visit our online shop to find the perfect equipment for your needs.

For more information about Selvatici products or to make an inquiry, contact us at or call our office at 01363 82928. Your journey to superior ground and pitch care starts with Selvatici.