Irriland - Irrigation machinery

AMIA are the exclusive UK & Ireland Distributors of the IRRILAND range of Irrigation machinery.

Irriland have been established for over 30 years and are an Italian company specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality irrigation machinery. They have built their name on the domestic and International markets thanks to their wide range of modern and reliable products. In addition, all members of staff are highly qualified with considerable experience within the irrigation sector.

Irrigation Reels

Automatic irrigation reels with a wide range pipe lengths and diameters are produced. Dependent on model, reels can be fitted with either trolleys or boom irrigation equipment. In addition all models within the range feature fully galvanized construction for an extended lifespan. Above all, a wide selection of hose diameters and lengths are available.

Boom Irrigation

Irriland produce a range of boom irrigators for mounted on hose reels. As a result of their careful design, all models are capable of working in adverse wind conditions.

Pivot Irrigation

Pivot and Linear irrigators can be  designed and built to suit a customers own requirements. Both towable and fixed options are available and benefit from fully galvanized frame work for long service life.

Pump Sets

Irriland pump sets are produced to suit a wide range of requirements and include skid mounted, trolley mounted and reel mounted models. In addition pump sets can also be fitted to the irrigation reel itself to make it a fully self contained unit. Power is supplied by either electric motor or diesel engine. Engines are sourced from well known suppliers within the market to ensure they give a reliable and long service life.


The EVA is a patented electrically powered air assisted vacuum priming system designed for use with irrigation pumps. Benefiting from a compact and lightweight design, the EVA unit can be fitted to most irrigation pumps.


The Irriland Protector system is an innovative product designed to protect the main hose on reel irrigators from damage in abrasive conditions. In addition to this it can also reduce friction when the pipe is pulled across turf and sportsfields.

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