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Highline NT60E Rock Picker


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NT 60E Rock Picker Highline’s NT60E

The Highline Rock Picker NT 60E is the result of Highline’s 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing rock pickers. The NT60E is designed specifically for the European market with safety in mind and is CE certified. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Designed for durability and serviceability with few moving parts and a serviceable hydraulic braking system Hi-Lift Design allows taller, more compact piles to be made or rocks can be transferred directly to a truck for removal. Dumping height of 2.13m. Durable Box Frame Construction ensures strength in difficult conditions. The front frame is built high to let rocks in, yet ensure the structure is strong enough to withstand the most difficult rocks that are removed from the field. Highline uses an industry exclusive gearbox that stands the test of time. The gear case ensures large oil bathed gears set the reel at the desired speed with a massive hydraulic drive motor. The hydraulic drive provides the flexibility to reverse, turn on and off the reel from your fingertips. Exclusive to the industry, the Highline torsion spring provides uniform loading over the reel operating range combined with the most compact mounting. This ensures that the spring mechanism is protected from rock damage resulting in years of service. Hydraulic drive offers smooth, powerful but safe drive thanks to a pressure relief valve.


Our mission is to design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality, most durable and reliable
farm equipment in the world, which is affordable and meets or exceeds the expectations of our
most demanding customers.
Highline Manufacturing is a division of Bourgault Industries Ltd. and as such shares a common standard of
“pursuing perfection” in their business approach. Highline’s shared approach is to develop relevant products
of the highest quality that exceed the expectations of our most discerning customers.

For over 60 years, the Highline® Rock Picker has proven itself as a machine that delivers year
in, year out. Designed with few moving parts, as well as extremely durable components, the
Highline® Rock Picker remains rock solid.

Highline are exclusively distributors by Agri Market Insight and Access Ltd in the UK and Ireland, for their full range of machines, Please feel free to contact our helpful team, by clicking here.

A copy of the Highline Rock Picker brochure can be downloaded from the Highland website or by clicking on the link below

Highline_Product_Catalogue_2021_Industrial_NT60E_English.pdf (highlinemfg.com)