Agri Market Insight & Access Ltd based in Exeter are the exclusive Distributors for the UK and Ireland of NARDI tillage equipment. The range of machinery offered by Italian Manufacturer NARDI includes ploughs, disc harrows, cultivators, seed drills and sprayers.

You may not have heard of NARDI until now but the company has been manufacturing in Selci Lama, Italy since 1895. Their first product was a reversible plough. Today, the manufacturing plant covers some 45,000 square metres with the companies products being distributed all over the world.

The AMIA Scotland Sales Manager Neil Critcton says ‘Nardi are a proven manufacturer all around the world with market leading build quality and innovative products’.

NARDI manufacture Mounted, Semi Mounted, In Furrow and On Land Ploughs with both Shearbolt and Autoreset options.  There are also various Mouldboards, Skimmer, Headstock and Underbeam clearance options as well parts fully handled in the UK by AMIA.

AMIA have been successfully selling the cultivators in the UK and Ireland for the last 4 years. This year the first plough was sold by one of AMIA’s Dealers and it will be on working display at the Scottish Ploughing Championships in October.

Also displayed at the SPC will be one of the popular market leading NARDI Gladiator Fast 3 in 1 Cultivators which features a Subsoiler element at the front then a double Disc Harrow element followed by a Roller on the rear.  This machine can be easily separated to work in different configurations as they Double Disc Harrow section also has its own heavy duty 3pt linkage for individual use.  For road transport the rear sections hydraulically fold above the Subsoiler element for easy compact transport.

AMIA are also the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors for the Enorossi range of grassland machinery which includes the V-Rake range as well as Tubeline Manufacturing who manufacture Inline Bale Wrappers, Bale Processors and 10 Bale Accumulators.  Other ranges include the Valentine range of Bed Formers, Stone Buriers, Power Harrows and Rotavators as well as the SFOGGIA range of Transplanters, Precision Drills, Mechanical Seed Drills and Precision Vegetable Drills.

The NARDI NX30EXDTO-5 EL5/R reversible plough which will be demoed on the day features:

  • In furrow ploughing
  • Oscillating headstock with automatic alignment system during the overturning of the plough
  • Hydraulically adjustable jack with position memory to adjust the plough tilting from tractor
  • Mechanically adjustable working width
  • Hydraulic auto reset safety system
  • Helicoidal mouldboard with tungsten carbide points as standard
  • Rear depth control and transport rubber wheel with shock absorber
  • Distance between bodies 105 cm
  • Working depth between 20-30 cm
  • Working width 132-154 cm
  • Under beam clearance 82 cm
  • Weight 2000 Kg (approx)
  • Suitable for 180-210 HP tractors


For further information contact  AMIA on 01363 82928 –