AMIA Ltd are exclusive UK and Ireland distributors of wide ranging ranges of grassland machinery from the UK and Europe as well as North America.  Grassland machinery ranges which they exclusively distribute include Enorossi, Keltec Engineering, Trenona Farm Machinery and Tubeline Manufacturing.  Alan Dennis AMIA Ltd Managing Director says ‘We are delighted to be able to offer dealerships, contractors and farmers a range of grassland machinery which covers Disc Mowers, Tedders, Rakes, Inline Bale Wrappers, Twin Bale Handlers and Self loading Bale Transporters’.

Enorossi is an Italian manufacturer which you will have heard a lot about over the past couple of years with their popular DR420 Tedder & Rake combination which fulfils 6 different tedding and raking functions proving very popular.  This machines functions include having the capacity to rake up into 2 windrows, 1 windrow and on lighter crops or later in the season being able to rake to the left hand side meaning that you can make good size windrows for baling up.  You can also use it to ted away from your fields hedges and boundaries.  Other machines in the range which have been making waves in the market include their full range of EasyRake Superstar autosteer V-Rakes which due to Enorossi’s patented design mean that problems with roping and excessive stone collection which other manufacturers may have had in the past is now not a problem.  It offers contractors and farmers alike a low maintenance, quick and easy to use, low soil compaction and relatively low cost alternative to Twin Rotor rakes.   The V-Rake ranges goes from working widths of 6.3m all the way up to 11.5m.  The Enorossi Disc Mowers offer a superior disc bed and 5 different sizes from 4 discs up to 8 discs (1.67m up to 3.2m working width).  On the even disc beds there is the option for 3 blades per disc as well.  Enorossi also has an excellent range of Single Rotor Rakes, Tedders, Twin Rotor Rakes, Batrakes, Mounted Rakes, Drum Mowers and Sickle Bar Mowers.

The Keltec Self Loading Bale Transporter can cut your bale transporting costs by up to a half and comes in two sizes an 8 pack and a 10 pack.  The 8 pack comes with a single hi-speed axle and the 10 comes with a hi-speed double axle bogey system.  The 10 pack can transport 72 bales per hour on a one kilometer trip and the 8 does 60 bales per hour.  Other Keltec Bale Transporter benefits include Fast efficient and safe transport of bales, no damage to the bales whether they are wrapped or unwrapped, rugged strong and well designed for long life and trouble free use, less soil compaction as only one machine with no loader in the field.  Contractor Jerry Fitzgerald says ‘There is nothing to compare with the 10 pack. We have two trailers to help in long draws, one carries 20 and the other 17 bales and even on a long draw 20km round trip the 10 pack will draw more bales than the two trailers together and that’s with a loader in the field and in the yard, four drivers and machines as opposed to one driver and the 10 pack.’

The Keltec Auto-Swather has been developed to double and treble swaths without lumping the grass, giving smooth grass flow to the forager enabling the user to more than halve pick-up time. When the conveyor is hydraulically raised the grass will fall in the conventional way behind the mower. Drop the swather into working position, and the belt will start moving automatically, taking grass from the conditioner and leaving it uniformly doubled.  Drop the second swather and treble your swath of grass. Variable belt speed allows for narrow pick-up reels where you need swaths one on top of another (or in a variety of positions), to swaths beside one another where you have wider pick-up reels.

The Tubeline Accumul8 bale accumulator range allows you to handle eight, ten or twelve bales at one time.  The Accumul8’s mechanical design requires no external hydraulics, PTO or electrical connections.  Each bale triggers a series of switches, guiding the next bale into proper location and then releasing the entire pack when full.  The wide floatation tires provide lower ground pressure, minimizing compaction in soft or wet soil conditions.  The ten bale model is designed to stack bales ready for loading your trailer to full capacity.  Each pack of 10 bales includes 2 bales positioned in the opposite direction. This cross-over pattern strengthens the stack as it builds by tying the bales together.

For increased efficiency Tubeline’s bale Grabber utilises large heavy duty curved tines to pick up bale packs for quick loading into storage and trailers. The Grabber is available in a variety of models to compliment Tubeline’s Accumul8 series including the 10 bale Grabber and can be used with other accumulators.

The race begins between you and bad weather as soon as the hay is cut, trying to get your crop off the field and covered up before it loses its nutrients. The Tubeline Balewrapper X2 is helping more farmers realise the major benefits of feeding high quality hay to their cattle year-round.  Round or square the Balewrapper X2 takes them all.  The Balewrapper X2’s tight film seals the bale inside, keeps the air outside and the nutrients in the bale where they belong.  You can wrap up to 120 round or square bales an hour with just one man using the self propelled BalewrapperX2 which needs just the one tractor and loader to keep the machine working.  Switching from round to square bales is a quick lift of the roller bed with an over-center lever. The engine and control panel are placed neatly together.

Dealerships are invited to contact AMIA today to discuss opportunities in your area and farmers and contractors are invited to contact AMIA Ltd to find out who their nearest dealership is.  Contact AMIA Ltd on 01392 580 987 or email or visit for videos, information and brochures on all of the AMIA ranges of machinery.