Net Bags for Vegetables-Spiders Net


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Net Bags for Vegetables-Spiders Net


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Spiders Net – Vegetable Netting Bags

Profitable, practical and efficient

Spider’s Net Rashel bags available on rolls or single are an economical and efficient solution for packaging various products. They are easy to use and save space for storage the products. The woven structure provides ventilation that reduces the humidity inside the bag, guarantees freshness and prevents of mould and rotting of the product. That’s why Raschel bags are ideal for packing fresh fruits and vegetables: potatoes, onions, leeks, citrus, cabbage, corn, carrots, etc. In addition, they can be used to pack toys, firewood, pet food and other retail products.

Simple but effective


Bags are made of polimer –very resistant to stretching and tearing material. It does not contain any toxic components so bags are safe for food and products for kids (toys).


Our bags are 100% recyceble, production technology guarantee non toxic polution emision.

Marketing friendly

Spider’s Net raschel bags are available in various colors and sizes that will promote your product. They can be combined with your labels and other marketing materials that will make your bags unique. The transparent mesh structure guarantees the visibility of the product quality during packaging.

Adjustable sizes

Spider’s Net raschel bags – for farmers, food producers or sellers – one of the most recognized packaging in the world. Millions of tons of different products goes globally to satisfied customers every day in raschel bags.

Single bags
              SIZES COLOURS Capacity KGI
Bags on roll THIN / THICK
              SIZESCOLOURSCapacity KGI

Other sizes and colours are available on a special customer orders. If you are interested you are welcome to contact us.