Tractor Mounted Forestry Mulcher- VALENTINI SIOUX


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Tractor Mounted Forestry Mulcher- VALENTINI SIOUX


Full Details

VALENTINI SI – SIOUX Tractor Mounted Surface Forestry Mulcher

The Valentini Tractor Mulcher

Power required from 70 up to 110 HP, with a working width 450 mm and working depth from 7 up to 15 cm.
Single side transmission with gears.

Product Description

Forestry mulcher Heavy Duty series, drum rotor with fixed Tools, to cut branches and small trees up to diameter of 40 cms.

Standard Equipment

  • 3 point universal hitch (Category 2)
  • Single speed unit, 1000 rpm
  • Rotor with fix tools
  • Rear door with hydraulic adjustment
  • Strong frame built with very high quality steel (DOMEX 700-SS355)
  • Double chassis with inferior counter bonnet in HARDOX 400
  • Central cardan with safety bolt (tractor side fork 1 3/4” Z20)
  • Double lateral transmission with 5 belts type XPB QUAD-POWER

Tractor equipment notes

  • Variable transmission or super gearbox recommended
  •  Hydraulic distributors requested from 2 to 4
1800150 / 160110 / 117180022003910
2000150 / 180110 / 132200024004510
2200200 / 280147 / 183220026005110

VALENTNI are exclusively distributors by Agri Market Insight and Access Ltd in the UK and Ireland. Valentini have a full range of machines in Agriculture, Horticulture, Construction and Forestry. Products such as Tillers, Harrows, Mulchers, Cultivators, Stone Buriers, Stone Crushers, Trench Wheel Cutters and Bush Cutters. Please feel free to contact our helpful team if you have any questions, by clicking here.

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