Valentini LEON- Fixed Stone Crusher- FL – LEON 2T


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Valentini LEON- Fixed Stone Crusher- FL – LEON 2T


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Valentini- Fixed Stone Crusher 1.8m – 2.3m working width – FL – LEON 2T

Product Description

The LEON stone crusher has been designed to meet the demands of professionals that work for both agricultural and road maintenance companies. In the agricultural sector, the LEON prepares rocky soil for cultivation. The land is ploughed to improve consistency and facilitate the even spread of plant roots, which also grow more efficiently thanks to the mineral salts released by the crushed stones. Moreover, rainwater and irrigation water is more evenly distributed and soil moisture is maintained over a longer period. In regards to maintenance works, the LEON stone crusher is commonly used to develop or level rural roads, grind rubble, create fire break paths in forests, grind stumps, prepare parks, trekking itineraries and golf courses. The machine is available with a single or double side transmission with gears.

Standard Equipment

• 3 point universal hitch (Category 2)

• Single speed unit, 1000 rpm

• Reinforced rotor, 485 diam. with peaks


• Transmission support and idle side support protection rings

• Central cardan with safety bolt (tractor side fork 1 3/8” 6)

• Double lateral transmission with gears in oil bath

• Bearing support with special seals, “Labyrinth Bearing Protection by Valentini”

• Rear containment sheets and selection grids for crushed product that can be adjusted with a MECHANICAL jacks

• Protective shroud casing and sledge on outer side

• Protective counter bonnet in “HIGHRESISTANCE AND WEAR RESISTANT STEEL”

• “By Valentini” friction phasing system Safety

• CE Safety protections

• Front protective rails

• Anti-intrusion protections for transport Tractor equipment notes

• Variable transmission or super gearbox

• Hydraulic distributors requested from 2 to 4

• If necessary, equip the tractor with front ballast

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VALENTNI are exclusively distributors by Agri Market Insight and Access Ltd in the UK and Ireland. Valentini have a full range of machines in Agriculture, Horticulture, Construction and Forestry. Products such as Tillers, Harrows, Mulchers, Cultivators, Stone Buriers, Stone Crushers, Trench Wheel Cutters and Bush Cutters. Please feel free to contact our helpful team if you have any questions, by clicking here.

Since the mid-seventies, when the company was founded, the VALENTINI ANTONIO SRL brand has been associated with professionals in the agricultural and building sectors.
The company mission has always been to produce efficient, durable and reliable machines that are easy to use and able to satisfy the most demanding clientele.
Over the course of the years, VALENTINI ANTONIO SRL has specialised in the production of four lines of machinery, which can be viewed on our website.

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