Honeybee ST Tractor Mounted Swather for use on both front and rear of tractors


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Honeybee ST Tractor Mounted Swather for use on both front and rear of tractors


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The ST Grainbelt Swather works on tractors with front-wheel assist, so there’s no need to purchase a self-propelled windrower. It is designed to lay a swath that will keep harvesting equipment working at peak performance, no matter how heavy or light the crop is. Choose from shifting decks that switch between left, right and center delivery, or static decks that deliver from left and right. With control over the number and widths of the swaths, the operator will bale faster and pick up the forage crops more efficiently.
Features & Benefits
The adapter subframe attaches to the three-point hitch on either the front or rear of the tractor. The PTO-driven pump is integrated into the subframe and is used to power the knife drives and draper belts.

Double Swath
Using two shifting decks, double swath offers in-cab control for right, left and centre delivery of the windrow.

High Performance Honey Bee Reel
The custom built, fully adjustable reel is hydraulically driven by the tractor. All reel functions are controlled through the tractor’s hydraulic control valves for quick in-cab adjustment in changing crop conditions.

End Strut Gauge Wheels
These smaller wheels mount on the ends of the table and help prevent them from digging in the dirt when operating in rolling terrain or going through drainage ditches.

Draper Drive
The 7.6 cm diameter drive rollers provide traction in heavy crop conditions. Powered from the outside by a hydraulic motor, the drapers move the crop towards the swath opening for more uniform feeding.

Knife Drive
The knife is driven by a 8.4 cm stroke epicyclic knife drive that operates at 1,400 strokes per minute. The knife drive is driven by a low maintenance hydraulic drive motor. Double knife drive systems are standard equipment on 4.6m to 10.9m models.

Models for self propelled wind rowers or tractors with front-wheel assist.
Widths from 4.6m to 10.9m.