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Trailed Woodchippers GL&D GALAXI


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The GL&D GALAXI CT155 DT Trailed Woodchipper is an innovative chipper; with an oversized frame and unique of its kind. It is a guarantee of durability and reliability over time, suitable for processing dry and green products without compromise.

How It works

It produces an excellent wood chip of variable dimensions according to the different adjustments of the knives. This version is of the Trailed type with “Certified for road traffic” trolley towed by an agricultural tractor. The forced feeding of the product to be chipped is guaranteed by two hydraulically operated rollers .  A particular kinematic mechanism guides the upper roller and maintains the minimum distance with respect to the cutting blades, in order to eliminate the “Dead Zone”, the lower roller is patented “anti-blocking” and a particular blade checks that the chip residues do not block the rotation during the working phase.


A safety bar located at the end of the hopper allows the stopping and inversion of the feed rollers.

Furthermore the chipper is equipped with a latest generation “NO-STRESS” automatic stress control system. – The Galaxi CT155DT chipper is designed with an oversized frame, which guarantees durability and reliability over time. – The hydraulic system is of the “independent” type and does not require pipes connected to the tractor.– The machine is equipped with a special “VOLUMETRIC” hydraulic regulator for perfect control of the speed of power supply of the product; this allows to produce different sizes of wood chips.  

Additional Kits 

The hydraulic system is “independent”, hence it does not need pipe hitching with the tractor. Adding a special hydraulic kit “VOLUMETRIC”, which controls perfectly the alimentation speed and then allows the chipper to produce wood cuts of different sizes. These sizes include refined and small.

Also a FINAL DIMENSIONAL control kit, which allows you to perfectly calibrate the final cut material exists, for use in automatic heaters with cochlea device. To do this you will need alimentation material of under 6-cm, to attach 3 chipping tools discs, in order to satisfy the needs of each single user.

GL&D are exclusively distributors by Agri Market Insight and Access Ltd in the UK and Ireland for there full range of Woodchippers, Please feel free to contact our helpful team if you have any questions, by clicking here.