FLEDBAG PROFI for all Bulk Bags


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FLEDBAG PROFI for all Bulk Bags


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Suitable for disposable big bags Suitable for reusable big bags



for returnable big bags

Open the first knot on the big bag outlet and push the tensioning ring onto the protruding discharge hose.

Position the FLEDBAG® Easy on the discharge hose from underneath.

Pull the tensioning ring down, and fasten the tensioning ring with the discharge hose on the FLEDBAG® Easy. Do not attach the tensioning ring at the top edge, but along the neck of the FLEDBAG®.

Open the second knot on the outlet so that the content can run into the FLEDBAG® Easy. Open the slide to empty.


FLEDBAG® Original

for all Big Bags

Deposit the FLEDBAG® on a firm surface. Lift the big bag by its loops using front loader or forklift forks, and position above the FLEDBAG®.

Lower the big bag so that the FLEDBAG® penetrates the big bag, then raise the big bag again.

Pull the FLEDBAG® down slightly to make it easier to open and close the valve.

By opening and closing the FLEDBAG®, you can simply meter the content of the big bag.