FLEDBAG EASY for returnable Bulk Bags


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FLEDBAG EASY for returnable Bulk Bags


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Especially suitable for returnable Bulk bags where Bulk bags are reusable

Fledbag® Easy

for returnable big bags

  • Especially suitable for returnable big bags
  • Big bags are reusable

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Technical details

  • TÜV test specification Germany LFGB § 31 / Food
  • Material Fledbag Polyamide with glass fiber
  • Average flow depending on material density300-800 kgs / minute
  • Material rivets stainless steel
  • Material screws galvanized
  • Inner diameter 14 cm
  • Height 15 cm
  • Weight 1480 g
  • Country of origin Austria



for returnable big bags

Open the first knot on the big bag outlet and push the tensioning ring onto the protruding discharge hose.

Position the FLEDBAG® Easy on the discharge hose from underneath.

Pull the tensioning ring down, and fasten the tensioning ring with the discharge hose on the FLEDBAG® Easy. Do not attach the tensioning ring at the top edge, but along the neck of the FLEDBAG®.

Open the second knot on the outlet so that the content can run into the FLEDBAG® Easy. Open the slide to empty.