Caffini S.p.A is a family owned company that was formed in 1924 in the Italian province of Verona. Initially concentrating on the production of mist blower sprayers, they soon moved into the development of a wide range of boom sprayers. As a result of being involved in the wine industry with their sprayers, they have also developed the innovative GrassKiller high pressure cold water weeding machine.

From 2003 all machines produced by Caffini are certified to ISO 9001:2000. Since 2010 the company has been certified to ISO 45001 standards.

Caffini have a philosophy of Technology and Ecology and invests more than 5% of its turnover annually into research and development.


With the ever increasing number of vineyards in the UK, Caffini have a wide range of models available to suit. Air blast, pneumatic & recovery sprayers are all available. All of these machines are also highly suitable for use in top and soft fruit production.

Field Scale

Mounted, trailed & self-propelled boom sprayers are all available with tank sizes from 200 to 5500 litres. Boom widths of up to 36 metres can be specified on some models. IsoBus based technology is also available including curve compensation spray systems. For added efficiency section control or individual nozzle control are also available on larger machines.

Organic Weed Control

If you are looking for organic weed control, take a look at the GrassKiller. Using only cold water at very high pressure this machine destroys vegetation. Thanks to its rotating head and swinging arm design it is able to move around the base of trees, vines and fencing. It is also suitable for use on hard surfaces for weed removal along kerbing.


If you are looking for a specialist sprayer, Caffini have a wide range of canon type turbine sprayers available. These machines are especially suitable for use in the forestry and tree nursery industries.

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